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Milestone Church Blog: Squarespace vs. WordPress Blog for SEO

The Milestone Church Blog Project

Recently Milestone Church’s creative team contacted Moon & Owl regarding their search appearance of the Milestone Church blog. As we examined the blog site we noticed it was on the Squarespace CMS platform. We have never used Squarespace on websites we design, so we looked forward to digging around a bit.

It was obvious why this platform was initially chosen. The ease of design and closed garden concepts are Squarespace are obvious. The site LOOKED beautiful.

However, once we really started digging, we noticed some simple but stark SEO challenges.

milestone church blog

Attribution Link Issues

The most obvious SEO issue is the lack of ability to create attribution links on syndication posts. To the non-SEO techie that might sound like gibberish.

In simple terms, an attribution link is a link at the bottom of a blog post that isn’t seen on the original post on the main site. Instead, when the article is syndicated, it has a link at the bottom of the post that gives credit back to the original post. For example, if we syndicated the post to a Tumblr, and Blogspot blog, it is vital that these syndicated versions contain the link:

The article Uncommon Gratitude first appeared on Milestone Life.

This tells the search engine, don’t give search engine credit to this article, instead give it to the ORIGINAL location.

Why is this important? It passes on the SEO juice from a reputable site like Tumblr back to the original article. To increase in rank, each article needs as many STRONG backlinks as possible.

At Moon and Owl we run a strategy called Guerrilla SEO (read more on HOW we do it on this article).

Other Issues

We noticed that Milestone wasn’t using a categories system to build deep silos of content under the keywords on which they wanted to rank. Typically, we set up a site with 4-5 strong keyword silos. We talk with our client about how they see the user interfacing with site in a logical way AND how this can also benefit showing up higher in the search engine rankings.

We came down to three categories on the Milestone Church blog.

Life Stories (stories of life transformation)

Milestone Missions (stories of transformation through mission efforts)

Pastor Jeff Little (thoughts, reflections and devotional posts from the lead pastor)

Making the Decision on a WordPress Platform

After discussions with the creative team, we made the decision to move the blog over to the WordPress CMS. WordPress allows us to do the things we need to do for SEO efforts.

We duplicated the look of the Squarespace page to a large degree as Milestone’s design team is top notch. (Just wait until you see the new main Milestone Church site launch in January. It’s jaw dropping).  We also placed the site on a subdomain to create a simpler back and fort user interface between the main site and the blog site. We 301 redirected all the previous posts to their new URL to help pass on the SEO juice.

Jump Starting Search Results on the Milestone Church Blog

A new site with new URL structures (what you see up in your web browsers entry bar) takes a while to regain its rank. Google has to crawl the site with something it calls bots and then index the site. Only after this is complete will the site begin to show up well in search. This can take up to a month.

In order to optimize this process, we created a search console (aka webmaster’s tools) profile on Google. We submitted the site and made sure the sitemap (outline of the site) could be read by Google.

We then started our proven process of syndicating out each blog post to 20+ respected and legitimate platforms, also sending social signals and applying SwarmSearch to help the site find its moorings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Now To Watch

The Milestone Church blog (aka Milestone Life) site launch went smoothly. Now we watch using our tools to check on emerging backlinks. We like Microsite Masters to track rankings and Monitor Backlinks to track the new links coming into Milestone Church’s blog. Of course, we also placed Google Analytics on the site to allow us to know the user behavior and what sites drove referred them to the blog.



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Get 5 Star Reviews Easily With This New Platform

You know you need to get 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other platforms but it has always been a pain to get customers to leave them. Right?

What if there was a solution that is fast, immediate and easy to use for you and your customers?

We have FINALLY found this platform. We love it and it works WONDERS for ANY business with enough volume to garner reviews. (And that’s almost all of you!)

Why Getting Five Star Reviews is Important

Get More Leads

If your potential customers are looking online for a product or service and see a company that gets 20, 30, 40 or even 100+ 5 star reviews, and your competitor has 2 or 3, that potential customer is going to contact you and already have a high trust in your business’ quality of product or service.

Close Easier

Once they do contact you, you are going to be able to close them with much less effort, because they have already seen how much social trust others have in your business.

Getting Found In Online Search (The SEO Reason)

Google and other sites make no secret about it. High ratings on your reviews impacts how high up you appear in the search results.

Don’t believe it? Here’s a graphic from Google itself…

Get 5 star google reviews

In fact, SEO expert Bruce Clay highly recommends spending time getting five star reviews for your business online if you want to climb the ranks in search results.

Good reviews help you both in organic search (when someone just types in “coffee shop” in the search bar) and maps search (when someone searches in the Google Maps app or

BUT…it isn’t just Google.

Yelp searches, Facebook searches and other searches provide higher ranking to profiles with a solid volume of high reviews.


Until recently, getting good reviews meant sending a customer an email or putting a badge on your site that you hoped your customer would notice, and then go through the laborious process of remembering to leave the review, finding the email, clicking through, logging in, and writing a review.

No longer is that necessary due to a TOP SECRET platform that has just hit the market. It is created and designed by a personal friend of ours, Troy Cole, we have tested it and LOVE it.

Why do we love it?

It makes leaving a review as easy as THREE CLICKS!

And because the review request arrives via text message, it’s more apt to not be ignored, because we all look at our texts faster than almost anything else on our phones.

THREE CLICKS…that makes getting 5 star reviews SUPER simple for you and your customer.

How does this 5 star review grabbing platform work?

Let’s do a simple screenshot walk through so you can see how easy it is to get 5 Star Reviews.


1. You or an employee simply go to your company’s ReviewGrab page (Shhh! That’s the name of the platform).

Get 5 star reviews

2. Cut and paste or type in a phone number and a first name of a customer.

3. Hit the “Send Me a Request” button.

Boom! Your review request is on it’s way.

Your Customer

1. They get a text message.

 getting 5 star review part one

2. One click and they are taken to the “Thumbs Up or Down” Page


3. OF COURSE, you make your customers happy, so they hit the thumbs up button and see this…

get five star reviews part 5

Note, you control which review site buttons appear. You can do one button or multiples. We like our clients to rotate them monthly to spread the review goodness all around the web.

3. One more click, and if you are counting that’s THREE SIMPLE clicks and they are taken to the review page pre-populated with a 5 star filled in Google review awaiting them. (Yes they can change the number of stars, but odds are they won’t!)

Get 5 star reviews part 6

(If they aren’t logged into that platform on their phone they will be asked to log in to Google or Facebook etc. But many times people simply stay logged into those accounts on their phones.)


In the rare event your customer wasn’t happy, thumbs down takes them to a private e-form that gets emailed to you where you can address their concerns directly rather than having a bad review floating around online.

Get 5 Star Reviews part 3


Someone is going to win the review game in your niche.

Whoever does will get miles ahead on gaining hot leads and more easily converting them.

You are busy and you need an EASY solution to get 5 star reviews consistently.

This brand new platform is working wonders for clients. Because Troy Cole, the founder of this amazing little platform is a personal friend of ours, we are able to provide you this AMAZING little 5 Star ReviewGrab at a discounted rate.

Want a FREE demo text to try it yourself?

Just enter your first name and cell phone below. We’ll send you one free  ReviewGrab demo text and nothing else.

You’ll get a request from ABC Eye and you can see just how easy leaving a review is.



Normally the ReviewGrabber service is $499 for a set-up fee and then a $245 monthly service fee.

That in itself is a great deal for starting to collect valuable 5 star reviews!

But because you are going through Moon & Owl Marketing, and Troy is a big fan, we have a special promotion he is offering Moon & Owl referrals for a LIMITED TIME. The full price will be your only option soon.

review grab discount 5 star reviews

Just click the box above and Troy will schedule your review call and get you started!

Make SURE you tell him Moon & Owl sent you for your HUGE discount!


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