Never Miss a Thing: 11 Powerful Social Media Monitoring Tools

This is an updated version of a post originally published in March 2015.

Social media has provided people the ability to voice their opinion on companies, brands, people—in short, anything and anyone. What people say can be good or bad, but that alone doesn’t determine your social media success. The way your company listens and engages with these social media posts is what dictates how those opinions influence your online presence and brand sentiment.

Social media monitoring (also known as social listening) allows you to gain powerful insight into your customers, competitors, and industry influencers. To take full advantage of social media listening, you need to spread your monitoring across several social media channels, and keep a constant watch for new opportunities. However, acquiring these insights takes time, and the use of the right tools.

To help you choose which social media monitoring tools to use, we’ve compiled a list of 11 tools to get you started—all of which are available in the Hootsuite App Directory or the dashboard itself.

Here are 11 effective social media monitoring tools

1. Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro

With over 234 million unique users and 8 billion monthly pageviews, listening and monitoring your brand on Reddit should be part of your social media monitoring strategy. Use the Reddit Keyword Monitor app to monitor who is talking about your brand, business, or competitors. The last thing you want is having some stranger host a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything—a traditional Reddit Q&A session) on behalf of your company, and only finding out after it happened.

social media monitoring tool - Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro

Key features include:

  • Set keywords and phrases you’d like to monitor on Reddit
  • Select to limit keyword searches to posts or comments
  • Share Reddit posts easily across your Hootsuite social networks
  • Quick access to the posts to respond and engage
  • View analytics reports on keyword occurrences over time
  • Monitor unlimited keywords across Reddit

2. Geopiq for Instagram

With a community of over 400 million users (and a  majority age group being 18 to 29), wouldn’t you want to make sure you’re monitoring what people are posting on Instagram? Especially if the demographic of your audience falls in that age range. With the Geopiq for Instagram app you can monitor posts by location, hashtag, or username. The app within Hootsuite allows you to monitor and engage with users that are posting in your area, or an area you choose to follow. For example, you can use this tool for events to see what is being posted and to engage via comments to all those who attended your event.

Geopiq Social Media Monitoring 2

Key features:

  • View pictures being posted to Instagram by location
  • Monitor posts on Instagram by location, hashtag, or username
  • Engage with users by posting comments
  • Share your Instagram photos with your social networks
  • View your photos and a feed of photos for the users you follow, popular photos and your ‘likes’, all in your dashboard
  • View and post comments and ‘likes’
  • View user information: number of photos, plus follower and following count

3. Hootsuite Syndicator Pro

Manage and monitor all your favorite blogs and websites with Hootsuite Syndicator Pro. This tool provides a quick and easy way to view RSS feeds and share them to your social media channels, as well as rich filtering, monitoring and tracking tools, and most important, the ability to track which stories you’ve shared.

social media monitoring tool - Hootsuite Syndicator Pro

Key features:

  • Add streams of articles and stories via RSS feeds
  • Import and export OPML or XML files to add and share your RSS feeds
  • Easily manage large lists of RSS feeds with a rich toolset: set up Groups and filters, mark stories as ‘read’ or ‘unread,’ mark articles as favorite or ‘read it later’
  • Share articles and stories to your social networks, and track the stories you have shared
  • Leverage your Hootsuite teams functionality to assign items to your teammates for follow up
  • Save articles to other sources like Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, Google Drive, Tumblr, and more

4. Reputology

Online reputation management is extremely important and surprisingly easy. It’s crucial that your brand manages its reputation offline and online. With the Reputology app, you can monitor and check major review sites so that you can engage with reviewers and resolve any issues in a timely manner.
social media monitoring tool - Reputology

Key features:

  • Monitor all the major reviews sites: Yelp, Google, Facebook reviews, and more
  • Track activity across multiple storefronts and locations
  • Respond quickly via quick links
  • Email reviews to all relevant parties for proper escalation
  • Keep tabs on how reviews are followed up with by assigning reviews as tasks to users and tagging reviews by status
  • Create user levels with different permissions

5. Hootsuite Insights

What do you get when you combine social media listening, analytics, and powerful social media monitoring capabilities? Hootsuite Insights. This tool allows you to gain powerful real-time insights about your brand; track influencers, stories, and trends; and visualize the metrics, all in one place.
Hootsuite Insights Social Media Monitoring

Key features:

  • More data sources in Hootsuite with results from more than 100 million sources now in your engagement platform
  • Engage directly from stream and take action on previously hidden results
  • Filter and tailor results by sentiment, platform, location, and language
  • Historical coverage: reach into the past to bring a stream of mentions to the forefront of your content and engagement team

6. Brandwatch

The tool’s name says it all—watch your brand with Brandwatch. Strengthen your social media monitoring capabilities with the power of deep listening. With the Brandwatch app in Hootsuite, you can identify key insights from more than 70 million traffic sources across the web, including major social channels, blogs, forums, news and review sites, and much more. Make real-time, informed decisions with Brandwatch and take action on them.
social media monitoring tool - Brandwatch

Key Features:

  • Never miss a mention with data from more than 70 million sources including blogs, forums, social networks, news, videos, and reviews
  • Monitor the tone and impact of brand mentions and surface important issues with Brandwatch’s advanced sentiment and impact scoring
  • Use Brandwatch’s advanced segmentation and filter your streams by authors, categories, tags, priority, and more for more targeted listening
  • Assign and respond to mentions found with Brandwatch instantly from your Hootsuite dashboard

7. ReviewInc

Whether it’s a positive or negative online review, your response should be in the same place as that review. With the ReviewInc app for Hootsuite, view over 200 popular review sites across over 100 countries. Organize positive reviews for sharing on social media sites, and resolve negative issues instantly.

Key features:

  • See a stream of online reviews from over 200 popular review sites in one place, including Yelp, Foursquare and Google Places
  • Monitor multiple streams of reviews, engage with customers, and share positive testimonials of your business
  • Workflow tools allow you to coordinate responses to a review across your teams
  • Multiple account support: manage multiple locations, companies or set detailed filters for the app

8. Synthesio

It’s no secret that social listening arms you with the information you need for deeper insights and better-guided business decisions, and Synthesio is a comprehensive option to help you with this. The tool lets you and your team listen to the social media conversations most important to you, analyze these conversations, and engage with them.


Key features:

  • Monitor multiple mention streams at once
  • Share more efficiently using Hootsuite’s unparalleled share-to-social networks tool
  • Reply, Retweet, or DM with Twitter users directly from the app in Hootsuite
  • Assign mentions to other teams or members of your organization to resolve them

9. Crowd Analyzer

If you or your customers are based in the Middle East, Crowd Analyzer is an invaluable tool for social media monitoring and analytics. As the first Arabic-focused social media monitoring platform, Crowd Analyzer works “through sophisticated natural language processing algorithms” to analyze “Arabic content in terms of relevancy, dialect and sentiment.” Crowd Analyzer not only monitors major social networks, but blogs, forums, and the news as well.

crowd analyzer

Key features:

  • Monitor multiple streams at once.
  • Use more than 60 powerful filters such as language, location, gender, and sentiment to filter through your content.
  • Search your content by keyword.
  • Reply, Retweet, or Tweet directly from Hootsuite.
  • Tag your content directly from Hootsuite and use these tags to drive your analytics on Crowd Analyzer.

10. 76Insights
If content marketing is an important aspect of your Facebook marketing strategy, use 76Insights. This social media monitoring tool measures the resonance of your social media content and breaks down your resonance score, which is the number that measures how much social media engagement someone receives after publishing something.
Social media monitoring tool - 76Insights

Key features:

  • Measure the resonance of your social content
  • See resonance score breakdowns by social network
  • See your content performance with intuitive visualizations
  • Group social accounts into handy watchlists
  • Share the most resonant content with your social networks

11. Hootsuite Pro
On top of all the social media monitoring tools mentioned above, Hootsuite Pro provides social listening capabilities right in the dashboard. Monitor specific keywords, hashtags, regions, and so much more. Stay on top of what people are saying about your brand and listen to your customers and competitors to gain competitive advantage.

Key features:

  • Grow your followers and monitor conversations
  • Save time publishing content to your networks
  • Improve ROI and analyze campaign performance
  • Up to 50 social profiles
  • Access to premium apps
  • One enhanced analytics report
  • Bulk message scheduling

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